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Happy Birthday Cards

Birthdays only come once a year so do something special and create happy birthday cards with your own personalized birthday message. It couldn't be easier with a selection of awesome birthday themed images.

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Birthdays are a non religious celebration which have become widely celebrated in many parts of the world. That said, it is notable that some faiths, such as Jehovah's Witnesses, choose not to recognize birthdays as they are thought to have pagan origins along with Christmas and Easter.

In western cultures birthdays are typically celebrated with a few common traditions. The baking of birthday cakes dates back to the middle ages in England, although the tradition of hiding money and jewellery in the cake hasn't generally survived. Today the birthday cake is normally garnished with a number of candles matching the age of the recipient and a wish is granted to the birthday boy or girl if they are able to blow out all the candles in one breath. Of course birthday cards are also a common tradition. In western cultures is also true that men and women become less enthusiastic about celebrating birthdays as the years go by, and it is generally considered bad form to ask an older women how old she is.

If you want to know who you share your birthday with check out this list of famous peoples birthdays (heck, why not send them a free birthday greeting!). Or for more fun check out this great "today in history" resource to find out what interesting things occurred on your birthday in history.