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123 Greeting Cards

Create your own 123 greeting cards for birthdays or any occasion with these fabulous images posted in Flickr and licensed under a Creative Commons attribution license, so you are free to use them to create 123 ecards.

Featured 123 greeting cards
Click on any image to create your own unique card

123 Greetings is the most popular and well established greeting card site on the internet. It was established in 1997, and has gone from strength to strength since that time providing card services for all the major US holidays aswell as events an occaisions around the world. The busy season for 123 Greeting Cards (and all other card sites) is from around Thanks Giving in November through to Valentines Day in February each year. Christmas and Valentines Day are by far the most popular eCard days on the calendar. And of course there is year round demand for birthday cards.

Delivr queries Flickr daily to find images so you can create free 123 eCards from licensed images. When you create an greeting card with Delivr it is actually sent embedded in the email so the recipient doesn't have to visit the site to see it. Most other sites don't do that :) We also attribute all images in the email itself so recipients can go and view the orginal image if they want to.

* all images are licensed under the Creative Commons.