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If you want to create free ecards that are a bit more unique than your average animated clip art then browse all the images on Delivr and create your own personalized ecards. We've got brilliant images in all sorts of categories from pro and amateur photographers, all licensed under the creative commons so you are free to create unique online greetings.

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About Delivr Greeting Cards

All images are licensed under the creative commons. Because we filter out images with a No-derivs license you are free to use any of these images to create free ecards and personalize them with your own message. Awesome for that late birthday card or last minute anniversary..

It is generally thought that the modern history of ecards started on Valentines Day 1996 when Infobahn and Sony both offered a web based Valentine greeting cards service much like the type we are familiar with today. Delivr takes a similar approach, but we try really hard to avoid the cheese. Most ecard sites are plagued by rubbish animated clip art and flash, but Delivr uses cool images licensed by photographers around the world and we aim to only have images that are actually good. Seems obvious eh :)